Schneider Conext 865-1036 MPPT Disconnect Rapid Shutdown

SKU: 580-0045

Schneider Electric, MPPT Disconnect RS with Integrated PLC transmitter, Compatible with Tigo TS4-F, UL 1699B Arc fault detection, 865-1036

The MPPT Disconnect RS is a charge controller accessory for the Conext MPPT 80 600 and MPPT 60 150. For added protection, it has a photovoltaic (PV) circuit disconnect, an integrated Rapid Shutdown transmitter, and arc fault detection.

  • NEC 2017 Compliance is simplified with the MPPT Disconnect RS: Integrated Power Line Communication-based Rapid Shutdown Transmitter (PLC)
  • Tigo TS4-F Compatibility (Fire Safety)
  • UL 1699B certified arc fault detection
  • Compatible with Conext MPPT 80 600 and MPPT 60 150 charge controllers

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