Schneider Conext XW 865-1015-01 Power Distribution Panel

SKU: 341-0110

Schneider Electric, CONEXT XW, PDP, Power Distribution Panel 1 250A 160VDC Breaker, 2-POLE 60A AC Breakers, 120-240V, 865-1015-01

The factory-wired and numbered XW Power Distribution Panels (XW PDP and Mini PDP) allow the integration of multiple XW series inverter/chargers and Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers with a single battery bank. Breaks, bus bars, and cables are included with the XW PDP and Mini PDP to install a single XW series inverter/charger. A single XW PDP or Mini PDP supports one XW series inverter/charger, a diesel generator, and either an MPPT 80 600 or MPPT 60 150 Solar Charge Controller, with room for wiring and breakers.

As opposed to custom solutions, XW Power Distribution Panels help you save time and money during installation. Each XW PDP and Mini PDP comes with a mounting bracket and an XW Conduit Box.

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