Schneider Conext 865-1034 100A 600Vdc MPPT Charge Controller

SKU: 520-0172

Schneider Electric, XW-MPPT-100/600 Charge Controller, 100A, 600VDC, 24 or 48VDC, (requires an SCP or Insight to program), UL/CSA, 865-1034

Schneider Electric's latest Conext MPPT 100 amp, 600 volts DC charge controller. It's the most efficient voltage controller on the market. Wire size and distance from the charge controller are important design elements when dealing with very high power solar arrays. The maximum DC input voltage of 600 volts allows for higher string voltage and overall device operation. When your solar array must be mounted far away from the charge controller, this model is suitable. You can use a smaller wire size to deliver power to the controller if you simply customize your array for a higher voltage. When you consider the cost savings that come with using a smaller wire scale, this controller might save you a lot of money on installation. This controller can also be used to charge batteries from grid-tie arrays with high voltage.

The Conext MPPT 100 A 600 Vdc solar charge controller provides optimal device output for DC-coupled solar and storage installations, as well as simple and versatile PV array installation. The MPPT 100 is suitable for residential grid-tied self-supply and off-grid networks, and is flexible for larger installations, with up to 6 kW of charging capacity and allowance for over-sized arrays. With 2 string installations, the MPPT 100 600 provides faster installations and a lower balance of device costs and is compatible with Conext XW and SW storage inverter solutions. For NEC 2017 compliance with module-level rapid shutdown and equipment disconnect features, the MPPT Disconnect RS accessory can be installed.

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