Schneider 865-1060-01 Automatic Generator Start Module

SKU: 341-0108


Schneider Electric, CONEXT XW, AGS, Auto Generator Start, for XW, and SW, 865-1060-01

In response to changing power requirements, the Conext Automatic Generator Start (AGS) Module will automatically trigger or stop a generator. The AGS links to the XanbusTM network and shares status information with all other devices on the network, making it an ideal addition to an off-grid or backup power system. It can keep track of a number of user-programmable parameters in the device, such as battery voltage, state of charge, and grid power, and trigger the generator if any of them alter. The AGS may also be remotely configured to engage a generator and assist an inverter/charger when output power demands are high, using the Conext System Control Panel (SCP) or Conext ComBox.