Solectria PVI-25TL-208WB-APS Wiring Box

SKU: 580-0061


Yaskawa Solectria, Wiring Box for PVI 25TL-208 Transformerless Inverter, 6 Fused Inputs (2 per Zone), 20A Fuses Included, includes PLC Transmitter and Bleed-Down Circuit for Module-Level Rapid Shutdown with APsmart Receiver, [MUST ADD INVERTER], PVI-25TL-208WB-APS

The Wiring Box for the PVI 25TL-208 Inverter has six fused inputs, two per zone, 20A fuses included, AC and DC disconnect switches, and the PLC transmitter and bleed-down circuit for Module-Level Rapid Shutdown with APS RSD-S-PLC-A products. Inverter must be added.