IronRidge UFO UFO-CL-01-A1 Clear Universal Bonding Module Clamp

SKU: 260-0101

IronRidge, Universal Bonding Module Clamp, Clear, Qty. 1, UFO-CL-01-A1

The IronRidge UFO (Universal Fastening Object) is a single-size, single-piece fastener that can be used to quickly and securely bond any solar module to XR Rails. It arrives fully assembled and lubricated, and it looks fantastic. When combined with a Stopper Sleeve, the UFO serves as an end clamp. It comes in two different colors: transparent and black.


  • Safety - The structural integrity of each part was examined. The UL 2703 system removes the need for separate module grounding components.
  • Efficiency - Pre-stamped engineering letters are accepted in most states. Online apps make it simple to create, share, and price projects.
  • User Friendly - It's compact and compatible with industry-standard accessories.

IronRidge UFO Module Clamp Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.