IronRidge UFO LFT-03-M1 Mill Slotted L-Foot

SKU: 211-0095

IronRidge, Slotted L-Foot, hardware not included, Mill, UFO series, Qty. 1, LFT-03-M1

IronRidge's newest LFT-03-M1 Slotted L-feet are engineered for most roof mounting applications. Vertical slots allow you to easily drop in rails with pre-attached hardware, providing adjustability to account for roof irregularities. FM-LFT-003 Slotted L-feet are manufactured using 6000 series aluminum and are also available in black anodized finish. Bonding hardware is not included, but is required to attach and bond the rail to the L-foot and a step nut allows you to use the same socket as the rest of the system.

About the IronRidge UFO Family

The Universal Fastening Object (UFO) family of components eliminates the need for separate grounding hardware by bonding solar modules directly to IronRidge XR Rails. All IronRidge system Installation types (Flush Mount, Tilt Mount and Ground Mount) that feature the UFO family of products are fully listed to the UL 2703 standard. UFO hardware forms secure electrical bonds with both the module and the rail, resulting in many parallel grounding paths throughout the system leading to safer and more reliable installations.

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IronRidge UFO Slotted L-Foot Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.