SnapNrack SpeedSeal 242-02173 Silver DeckFoot

SKU: 210-0557

SnapNrack, UR SpeedSeal Deck Foot, Silver, 242-02173

The new SpeedSeal™ Foot and SpeedSeal™ Track speeds the installation process by allowing installers to lag straight to a structural member with no in-between components, while eliminating damage to shingles from the installation process.The simple install process consists of locating a rafter, filling the sealant cavity and securing to the roof. The SpeedSeal™ Technology compresses sealant into shingle surfaces and lag hole, as the SpeedSeal™ Foot or SpeedSeal™ Track is secured to the rafter. SpeedSeal technology saves installers time on the roof with less parts and less tools, while maintaining the integrity of the shingles.

Now this SpeedSeal™ Technology applies to roof attachments that mount directly to the deck with the SpeedSeal™ DeckFoot & DeckTrack. These rafter independent attachments allow for layout adjustability on the roof without the need to locate & attach to rafters. More importantly, installers have the ability to mount on specialty roof structures without standard rafters.

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