SMA Sunny Highpower PEAK3 3-150-1500-2-21 150.0kW 3-Ph Inverter

SKU: 330-0599

SMA, Sunny Highpower, Peak3, 3-Ph Grid Tied Utility Inverter, 150kW, 600Vac, 50/60Hz, 1500Vdc input, 1 MPPT, 5 Yr. Warr, Transformerless, No Disconnects or AFCI, SHP 150-US-21, 3-150-1500-2-21

PEAK 3 stands for pure power. With its compact design, the inverter offers maximum power density at minimum weight. This results in less expensive transportation and simplified installation. In combination with the project-specific DC Combiner Boxes, the PV array can be oversized up to 200 %. The Data Manager powered by ennexOS completes the system and enables it to fulfill all of the grid operator’s requirements.

SMA offers the ONLY 1,500 VDC inverter with the capability of interconnecting at 480 VAC without adding significant additional equipment and incurring lost energy production. For large ground mount projects, SMA’s PEAK3 delivers the most cost effective solution and highest energy production.

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