Hollaender 17-9 Adjustable Elbow Structural Fitting

SKU: 240-0398


Hollaender, Adjustable Elbow or Tee, 2" Pipe Size, 17-9

Hollaender 1-1/2" adjustable elbow Tee-E assembly (No. 17E) for solar panel ground and roof mounting systems that can be used with regular tubing.

Cross bracing becomes increasingly necessary as solar installers attempt to reduce the number of penetrations on rooftops and thus increase the span distances between vertical supports. A series of Hollaender fittings may be used to link cross bracing parts in a pipe rack.

The Hollaender #17 Adjustable Elbow is a two-piece fitting with a wide range of angle adjustment. The male (M) portion usually goes on the vertical post, while the female (F) goes on the cross brace member. Until now, both pieces were only available in the same dimension, i.e. 2” IPS – 2” IPS or 1-1/2” IPS – 1-1/2” IPS.