ChemLink F1331 E-Curb 3" Seal Kit

SKU: 271-0003


Chemlink, Solar penetration seals, Low-Slope, 3” Diameter E-Curb Round Kit, contains: (10) curbs, (8) 10.1 oz cartridges of 1-part Sealer, (2) 10.1 oz cartridges of M-1 Adhesive/Sealant, Gray, Qty. 1 KIT, F1331

ChemLink F1331 3" E-Curbs™ are pre-cast weatherproof forms that bond to the roof and can fit around most smaller penetrations, forming a cavity filled with non-shrinking rubber sealant, resulting in a tight, cohesive bond that blends with the penetration. As a result, they're the perfect flat roof solar mounting solution for ProSolar's FastJack E-Series, Commercial FastJack E-Series, SolarWedge®, and a variety of other standoffs. They are cost-effective and can be constructed on single-ply membrane roofs made of granulated modified bitumen, asphalt, PVC, EPDM, PIB, and TPO (TPO primer required).