Unirac RoofMount 310801 Ballast Bay

SKU: 250-1385

UniRac, RoofMount, RMDT, Ridge Bay, 8 Degree Dual Directional Tilt, Qty. 1, 310801

Unirac's RMDT device maximizes energy density by having up to 33 percent more modules on the roof thanks to its 8 DEGREE DUAL TILT. Wind deflectors and fire skirts are no longer needed, which decreases part count and simplifies device installation.

The Power of Simplicity is applied to the ballasted flat roof solar industry by ROOFMOUNT. The system is made up of only two main components, which decreases the amount of prep work and installation time. With just a turn of a wrench, you can plan around roof obstacles, support most framed modules, and connect the system.


  • Highlights - Numerous tilt, orientation, and row spacing options allow you to tailor any project to your unique needs, whether you want to maximize the number of modules on the roof or the performance of each individual panel. Using a variety of structures, you can increase your energy production. Develop support and software that is fast and comprehensive. Approval of Permits is a guarantee. Reduce the time it takes to learn how to install it.

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Unirac RoofMount Ballast Bay Warranty

Unirac provides a 25 year limited product warranty.