SolarEdge P505 505W Optimizer

SKU: 565-0108

SolarEdge, Optimizer 505W, Add-On Box for one High Current module, 12.5-83V, 14A, MC4-compatible In/Out, 47" PV wire, UL 1000VDC, P505

The P505 is designed for the next generation of high-power modules, improved inventory management, faster installation, and compliance with the VDE-AR-E 2100-712 Fire Protection Standard, in addition to the benefits of existing power optimizers, such as added capacity, modular design, module-level control, and safety.The P505 is SolarEdge's highest wattage residential power optimizer to date, allowing for shorter strings to support smaller installations while still increasing support for high wattage modules on residential installations. It's made to work with bi-facial and other high-current 96-cell modules, and it's got a new design bracket to help with mounting tolerances and support for shorter strings:

  • 6 modules (vs 8) for single-phase 240VAC
  • 8 modules (vs 10) on three-phase inverters for the 208V grid
  • 14 modules (vs 18) with three-phase inverters for the 277/480V grid

NOTE:  P404/P405/P505 cannot be combined with P300/P370/P500/P600/P700/P800 in the same series.

Each module is connected to the SolarEdge power optimizer, which replaces the conventional solar junction box. Via constant monitoring of the Maximum Power Point per module, each power optimizer maximizes energy production from each and every module. Furthermore, the power optimizers track each module's output and send data to the SolarEdge monitoring portal for more efficient, cost-effective maintenance.

The independent optimization (IndOP™) technology allows power optimizers to be installed without the need for the additional interface hardware and to operate directly with any inverter. Each power optimizer is equipped with the unique SafeDC™ feature which automatically shuts down modules' voltage whenever inverter or grid power is shut down.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking on a Module-by-Module Basis (MPPT)
  • The superior efficiency of up to 25% more electricity (99.5 percent peak efficiency, 98.8 percent weighted efficiency)
  • From manufacturing tolerance to partial shading, all forms of module mismatch-loss are mitigated.
  • For optimum space usage, a flexible device design is used.
  • Module-level control and advanced, real-time output measurement
  • Installer and firefighter protection is ensured by an automatic module DC voltage shut-down.
  • With a single bolt, installation is easy and fast.

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