SolarEdge BI-EUSGN-02 Energy Hub Backup Interface

SKU: 580-0186

SolarEdge, Energy Hub, Backup Interface, with 5kW Autoformer, Import/Export Meter w/CT’s, 200A Main Breaker rated for Service Side Connection, BI-EUSGN-02

Backup Interface for Flexible Backup

  • Automatically provides backup power to home loads in the event of grid interruption
  • Full flexibility in which loads to back up – the entire home or selected loads
  • Scalable solution to support higher power and higher capacity(*)
  • Built-in Auto Transformer and Energy Meter for easier and faster installation
  • Seamless integration with the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter to manage and monitor both PV generation and energy storage
  • Generator connection support(*)

*Requires supporting inverter firmware

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