IronRidge XR100-BOSS-01-M1 Mill Bonded Structural Splice

SKU: 211-0498

IronRidge, BOSS (Bonded Structural Splice) XR100, Tool-Less Bonding Splice, Mill, Qty. 1, XR100-BOSS-01-M1

For XR-100 Rails, the XR100-BOSS-01-M1 BOSSTM (Bonded Structural Splice) provides a completely seamless, secret attachment. The built-in bonding springs bite into the rail, forming a bonded rail link that meets all UL requirements without the use of any additional tools or hardware. Furthermore, with the exception of the outside cantilever, the BOSSTM removes installation constraints around splice locations by allowing it to be installed anywhere along the span.

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IronRidge Bonded Structural Splice Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.