S-5! VersaGard Metal Roof L-Foot

SKU: 260-0780

S-5!, VersaGard, L-Foot for face-fastened roof system or for snow retention to support one- or two-pipe system, with Butyl, hardware not included, VersaGard

VersaGard can be used with almost any exposed-fastened trapezoidal profile. There are no sticky sealants to deal with! Leaks have no chance! VersaGard comes with factory-applied butyl sealant already in the cap, and the S-5!-patented reservoir prevents the sealant from drying out and cracking.

It's easy to set up! VersaGard is installed directly into the roof's supporting framework, such as wood decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses, in the flat of the panel. There is no need to prepare the surface; just wipe away any excess oil or dirt, peel the release paper from the foundation, align, and apply. Use the right screws for the supporting structure to secure into the pre-punched holes.

The circular holes in the vertical portion of the bracket support 1" pipes, while the diagonal slot supports PV installations with 3/8", M8, or M10 bolts.


  • Highlights - At an incredibly low cost, VersaGard can significantly reduce the risks associated with snow avalanches sliding off roofs and dropping tons of snow onto everything in their way. A VersaGard pipe snow retention device operates without obstructing the roof's lines and is much more durable than adhesive-mounted snow guards. VersaGard can also be used instead of an L-foot to support photovoltaic panel installation. VersaGard can be positioned parallel or perpendicular to the roofline and fits with most rail or racking systems.

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S-5! L-Foot Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd (MRIL) warrants that all S-5! products manufactured by it and bearing its name are free from defects in material and workmanship on the date of first sale and FOR THE LIFE OF THE ROOF. The sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this warranty is repair or replacement of the S-5! manufactured product which is defective.