S-5! ProteaBracket-AL Aluminum Bracket

SKU: 260-0588

S-5!, ProteaBracket, Aluminum, for Metal Trapezoidal Rib, includes L-Flange, Bolt and 4 x Self-Tap SS screws, ProteaBracket-AL

The ProteaBracket is the most versatile Solar PV attachment solution on the market. It fits most trapezoidal sheet profiles, including pre-assembled foam core panels (IMPs - Insulated Metal Panels).

  • Adjustable attachment base to accommodate varying rib widths, heights, and angles with multiple module mounting options
  • Attached to the sheeting-only, no messy sealants and comes with a factory-applied, EPDM pad to ensure quick installation and a weather-proof fit

ProteaBracket is mounted directly onto the crown of the trapezoidal sheet using stainless-capped screws (provided) or Bulb-Tite rivets (sold separately). It has been rigorously tested for load-to-failure results in sheeting-only.

Choose ProteaBracket for a versatile solar attachment solution. Pair with the S-5-PVKIT® for a direct-attach solution – also ideal for both side-bolted and bottom-bolted rail mounting.


  • 34% lighter than similar stainless steel alternatives – saves on shipping
  • Stronger L-Foot
  • L-Foot allows for side-mount rails in its vertical orientation OR bottom-mount rails or PVKIT in its horizontal orientation
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Adjustable–fits rib profiles up to 3″
  • Peel-and-Stick prevents accidental shifting during installation
  • Fully pre-assembled
  • 4 self-piercing screws included

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S-5! Bracket Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd (MRIL) warrants that all S-5! products manufactured by it and bearing its name are free from defects in material and workmanship on the date of first sale and FOR THE LIFE OF THE ROOF. The sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this warranty is repair or replacement of the S-5! manufactured product which is defective.