OutBack Power FLEXmax FM100-300VDC 100A 300Vdc MPPT Charge Controller

SKU: 520-0059

Outback, FM100-300VDC MPPT Charge Controller, 100A, 300VDC, 24/36/48Vdc, 3R enclosure, integrated GFCI & AFCI,FM100-300VDC-AFCI

Higher voltages from PV arrays are accepted by the Outback Power FLEXmax 100 AFCI 300VDC Charge Controller, allowing for longer wire runs and smaller wire sizes. It can charge 24/36/48 VDC battery systems with a voltage of up to 290VDC from PV arrays, but it can also withstand voltages of up to 300VDC without damage. The FLEXmax 100 charges batteries faster and helps owners to sell power to the grid more easily, increasing their return on investment. The performance is rated at 100A at 77°F, with four-stage charging and a wide operating temperature range. Internal components are protected from dust and moisture by the NEMA 3R architecture, which allows for outdoor installation.

The FM100-300VDC-AFCI can be used in negative, positive, or floating ground systems. Due to ample wire bending space and oversized terminals, larger gauge wire is easier to mount. It does not need an external GFP system because it has built-in PV ground fault detection, interruption, and indication. Since the FM100-300VDC-AFCI has no onboard display, an OutBack Power MATE3s or AXS Card MODBUS/TCP interface is required to program the controller and access the 128-days of built-in data logging history, as well as the programming and monitoring system functions. Thanks to OutBack network communications and OPTICS RE, the FLEXmax 100 can be remotely configured, monitored, and controlled from any internet-connected device. It is essential to use a remote temperature sensor (RTS), which is not included in the kit. Outback Power is UL certified and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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