Morningstar SureSine GFPD-600V 2-Pole 50A Ground Fault Circuit Breaker

SKU: 500-0201


Morningstar, Ground Fault Protection Device, 2-Pole, 600V, 50A, use with TS-MPPT-600V charge controllers only, GFPD-600V

Ground Fault Protection Devices from Morningstar are designed to provide a superior ground fault protection solution for both off-grid and on-grid PV systems. To support 150V and 600V PV system breaker stacks, the GFPD products are available in two model versions (GFPD-150V and GFPD-600V).

Morningstar's GFPD improves off-grid and on-grid PV system protection and design versatility. During a ground fault, ground fault protection is used in electrical systems to prevent current from taking any unintended paths. Any stray current must be detected and the circuit must be interrupted (broken) before safe operation can be restored. A ground fault is indicated by a current imbalance between the circuit's conductors. Morningstar's GFPD detects a ground fault and breaks the circuit on both the positive and negative legs, ensuring that the ground-fault current is interrupted better than most solutions on the market.