Magnum BR-DC100-BM Back Mount 75A Circuit Breaker

SKU: 530-0137


Magnum, Circuit Breaker, DC 100A, back mount, BR-DC100-BM

Charge controllers, PV-GFP units, and DC loads can all be disconnected with the BR-DC75-BM (75 amp) and BR-DC100-BM (100 amp) DC breakers. The MP (Magnum Panel) and MMP (Mini Magnum Panel) device enclosures have a slotted mounting bracket that allows these breakers to be conveniently attached to the back panel inside.

The MMP and MP enclosures, as well as the MPX extensions, do not come with these breakers.


  • Safety - Over-current security and disconnect switch.
  • Efficiency - It can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • User Friendly - Installation and operation are easy.