IronRidge FlashVue FV-01-M1 Flashing w/ GripCap

SKU: 270-1032

IronRidge, FlashVue Flashing with GripCap, 8" x 12", includes: 5/16" x 4.25" SS Lag Bolt with EPDM Washer, Mill Finish, Qty. 1, FV-01-M1

IronRidge set out to create a flashing that met all of the criteria: it had to be completely waterproof, quick and simple to mount correctly, affordable, and sturdy enough to withstand any weather.

FlashVue is a one-stop store. The broad viewport in the optimized flashing design allows for easy alignment with the pilot hole. And since the GripCap and GripCap+ fit snugly in place, the lag can be driven solely by the GripCap and GripCap+.

IronRidge FlashVue Flashing Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.