IronRidge FlashFoot2 FF2-02-B2 Black Flashing Kit

SKU: 270-1117

IronRidge, Flashing, Flashfoot2 with Cap-foot, 8in x 12in, includes: 5/16in x 4.75in SS Lag Bolt with EPDM Washer, Black, UFO series, Qty. 1, FF2-02-B2

IronRidge® FlashFoot2® raises the bar in solar roof protection. The unique water seal design is both elevated and encapsulated, delivering redundant layers of protection against water intrusion.

In addition, the twist-on Cap perfectly aligns the rail attachment with the lag bolt to maximize mechanical strength. The flashing has a 9” x 12” profile, which minimizes interference with roofing nails. Comes with flashing, lag bolt, and Cap. Passed the TAS-100 Wind-Driven Rain Test.


An elevated platform diverts water away, while a stack of rugged components raises the seal an entire inch. The seal is then fully-encased by the Cap.


The unique Cap design encapsulates the lag bolt and locks into place with a simple twist. Change the orientation of the slotted cap by rotating it 90 degrees before twisting on.


A custom-design lag bolt allows you to install FlashFoot2® with the same 7/16” socket size used on other Flush Mount System components.


FlashFoot2® is the only product to align the rail and lag bolt. This concentric loading design results in a stronger attachment for the system.

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IronRidge FlashFoot2 Flashing Kit Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.