Generac SnapRS RS802 Disconnect

SKU: 580-0189

Generac, SnapRS, Module Level RSD, 1 in-line with each PV module, 15A Max for NEC-2017/2020 Compliant, RS802

Generac SnapRS™ are a simple way to satisfy rapid shutdown compliance for solar + storage systems. Generac SnapRS™ are 2017/2020 NEC 690.12 compliant, don’t require any extra hardware to mount, and need no pairing or fussy digital communications.

• Fast, easy, and simple to install

• One SnapRS device per PV module

• Achieves PVRSS Compliance

• Low cost, high efficiency solution

Snap a Generac SnapRS disconnect device (RS) to the negative lead (-) of each module in the solar array for simple module-level rapid shutdown compliance. SnapRS devices isolate array voltage when a rapid shutdown is initiated at a PWRcell™ Inverter. When rapid shutdown is initiated, SnapRS units isolate each PV module in the array, reducing array voltage to

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