Generac PWRzone APKE00010 2.5kW Optimizer

SKU: 565-0024

Generac, PV-Link Sub-String Optimizer, Compatible with SnapRS for Module Level RSD, MC-4, Max 420Voc, APKE00010

PV Connection solar optimizers, which are part of Generac's PWRzone, maximize the energy collected from solar panels while also ensuring NEC 2014 rapid-shutdown compliance for solar arrays. For NEC 2017 and NEC 2020 690.12 enforcement, combine with SnapRS (APKE00011). PWRzone and PV Link are quick and easy solutions for solar installation and long-term efficiency. To resolve shading and challenging roof lines with less equipment, connect as few as two or as many as nine PV modules to each PV Connection.

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