Fortress Power eVault Max 18.5 18.5kWh 48V Lithium Iron Phospate Battery

SKU: 480-0135

Fortress Power, eVault Max 18.5, 48V Nominal/360Ah, 18.5kWh, LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Battery, 10 Yr Warranty, Max 20 units in Parallel, UL-1642, 1973, 9540, eVault Max 18.5

Fortress Powers engineers are on a mission to provide you with the most advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery available. Not only is the new Fortress eVault Max 18.5 kWh battery safe, long-lasting and affordable, but it is also equipped with an LCD screen that displays voltage, current, state of charge, and power output.

The built-in Battery Management System integrates multilevel safety concepts for excellent performance:

  • Overcharge and deep discharge protection
  • Voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Cell monitoring and balancing

Fortress Power Evault technology is capable of connecting 20 units in parallel to achieve 370kWh! These batteries connected in parallel can communicate with each other for voltage monitoring and balancing.

Additional Features

  • 98% Roundtrip efficiency
  • High durability & long lasting
  • Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4)
  • Cell level monitoring & balancing
  • CAN/RS485 Communication

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