Enphase IQ7 Q-CLIP-100 Clip

SKU: 550-0521

Enphase, IQ, Q-Cable Rail Mount Cable Management Clip, Each, Q-CLIP-100

The Q Clip (Q-CLIP-100) from Enphase is a Q cable rail mount cable management clip that secures the cable to most rail-based racking systems.


  • Highlights - Installation is simple and the compatibility is exceptional.

Enphase IQ7 Clip Warranty

This Enphase Energy, Inc. ("Enphase”) limited warranty (“Limited Warranty”) covers defects in workmanship and materials of the following Enphase products for the applicable warranty periods:

  • 25 Years - IQ7, IQ7 Plus, IQ7X, IQ6, IQ6 Plus, M215/250, S230/280, and C250 Microinverters
  • 5 Years - Envoy, IQ Envoy, IQ Combiner+, IQ Combiner, IQ Commercial Envoy, Q Aggregator, Q Commercial Aggregator, Envoy-S Standard, Envoy-S Metered, Mobile Connect, Consumption CT, AC Combiner Box