Enphase Q-12-RAW-300 12AWG Trunk Cable

SKU: 360-0338


Enphase, IQ, Q Cable, 12 AWG, no connectors, Use with Field Wireable M/FM Connectors, by the foot, Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable on Cut Lengths, Q-12-RAW

The Enphase Q Aggregator and Enphase Q Cable are part of the Enphase IQ System's sixth generation. These accessories provide convenience, dependability, and quicker installation times.

The Enphase Q Cable is a modern two-wire cable that is 50% lighter than previous generations of Enphase Cables and only requires two wires with no neutral or ground. These drop cables feature plug-and-play connectors that ease wire management and reduce installation time. Cable waste is no longer an issue thanks to new link connectors. Portrait 60-cell or 72-cell (Q-12-10-240), landscape 60-cell (Q-12-17-240), or landscape 72-cell (Q-12-20-200) modules include the Q cable. These cables are available in both cut-to-order and full-box quantities.


  • Highlights - The two-wire Enphase Q Cable is 50% lighter than the previous Enphase cable generation. New cable numbering and plug-and-play connections ease wire management and speed up installation. Cable waste is eliminated with the use of connection connectors.