Enphase Envoy-S ENV-S-AM1-120 Communications Gateway

SKU: 570-1107

Enphase, Envoy S Communications Gateway, Envoy S Metered, with integrated Revenue Grade metering, 120VAC, Qty. 1, ENV-S-AM1-120

The Enphase Gateway-S Metered provides energy usage insights, remote update capabilities, load management, and enables smart grid functionalities. It is an integral component of the Enphase Home Energy Solution, as it bridges the communication between Enphase Microinverters on the rooftop with the cloud-based Enphase monitoring software. The Gateway-S Metered can control grid management functions and monitor PV production and site consumption (consumption metering CT sold separately). It communicates with microinverters via standard AC powerlines in the home and with Enphase monitoring software via cellular or wireless internet connection.

The Gateway S-Metered is packaged with one production current transformer to enable accurate production monitoring with an accuracy of +/-2.5%.

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