APsystems 4080006 Rapid Shutdown Transmitter

SKU: 580-0042


APsmart, Transmitter-PLC Outdoor Kit, includes PLC-Transmitter with 29mm ID Single Core, IP65 Outdoor Enclosure, 85-264VAC Power Supply, SunSpec Certified, 408006

When combined with the APsmart RSD-S-PLC, a PV module rapid shutdown assembly, the APsmart Rapid Shutdown System Transmitter-PLC forms a rapid shutdown solution. The Transmitter-PLC sends a signal to the RSD-S-PLC units when they are switched on to keep their PV modules linked and supplying electricity. When the Transmitter-PLC is turned off, RSD-S-PLC units automatically enter rapid shutdown mode and restart energy output when power is restored to the Transmitter-PLC. This solution complies with the 2017 NEC 690.12 requirements and includes SunSpec signaling for a rapid shutdown. PLC-transmitter A Transmitter-PLC with one or two cores, an outdoor enclosure, and an 85-264VAC or 180-550VAC power supply are included in the Outdoor Kit. It's ideal for both residential and industrial projects.