Wiley WEEB-UIR Grounding Clip

SKU: 590-0076


Wiley Electronics, WEEB Grounding Clip for Generac PV-Link, WEEB-UIR

The company behind the well-known WEEB bonding washers is Wiley Electronics. WEEB, which stands for "washer, electrical equipment bonding," is an acronym for "washer, electrical equipment bonding." WEEB products are used to affix solar panels to aluminum racking and mounting rails. The solar modules and racking system are then grounded together, producing a single grounding system for the entire assembly. WEEBs eliminates the need for a lay-in lug and/or a thread-forming screw on each module. The use of WEEBs also eliminates the need for a continuous wire run to each module. Only a wire is needed to link each mounting rail's lay-in lug to an inverter or to disconnect the equipment-grounding terminal.