Wiley ACME ACE-3C Conduit Entry Combiner Box

SKU: 570-0529


Wiley Electronics, Acme Conduit Entry, 3-String Combiner, NEMA 3R with Mount Bracket, Qty. 1, ACE-3C

With the ACE, switching from USE-2 or PV array wire to conduit-protected THWN-2 wire is simple and fast. The box is UV-resistant and NEMA3R-rated, with plenty of wiring room and compatibility with any conduit type. The enclosure is secured by the special wire entry even though the entry slots are empty. Because of the easy side and bottom conduit drill-outs, conduit routing is simplified. The cover contains captive screws for fast assembly. ETL explains UL 1741. 1000V rated.