Wiley ACC-F2-90 90 Degree Cable Clip

SKU: 550-9072

Wiley Electronics, Cable Clip for Modules at 90 degrees, Stainless Steel, for 2 large diameter PV cables/ 2 micro inverter cables/ 2 AC module cables/ 1 trunk cable, ACC-F2-90

The ACC-F2-90 clip is innovatively designed to provide a cleaner aesthetic to PV arrays. The clip is primarily used on modules and accommodates 2 large diameter PV cables, 2 micro inverter cables, 2 AC module cables or 1 trunk cable. The ACC-F2-90 may hold wires in two different orientations; parallel or perpendicular to the module frame. The locking tabs on the ACC-F2-90 secures the clip on to the module which can be removed by a flat head screwdriver and reused. Coined edges protect the wire insulation from becoming damaged. 

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