Unirac Sunframe 321159 Cap Strip Screw

SKU: 210-0432

UniRac, SunFrame Cap Strip Screws, 3/4", use with C, D and H, Clear, Qty. 100, 321159

SUNFRAME is a shared rail system that features gap-free rows and a sleek design. For residential and light commercial uses, homeowners and architects recognize the superior aesthetics.

SUNFRAME is compatible with a variety of attachments, including Unirac standoffs for use on the composite shingle and tile roofs. SUNFRAME shared rails are provided within modules, not on top of them. This allows the array to be installed closer to the roof, resulting in gap-free rows with no visible protrusions from the side. Components with a clear or dark finish fit module frames and visually blend the array into your roof.

Unirac Sunframe Cap Strip Screw Warranty

Unirac provides a 10 year limited product warranty for their Sunframe components.