Unirac SolarHook 004CT1S S-Tile Roof Hook

SKU: 210-1059

UniRac, Tile Roof Hook, Spanish Tile Side Mount, with 2 #14 X 3” Screws, CT1, 004CT1S

The CT1 model is designed to match Spanish tile roof profiles. The side mount configuration connects directly to the rail and removes the need for an L-Foot. Stainless steel with a bead blasted finish.

SOLARHOOKS is a robust collection of tile roof connection solutions. SOLARHOOKS includes a variety of tile hooks to overcome every problem, from universal hooks to special shapes for flat and Spanish tiles, all of which are simple to mount and optimized for maximum convenience. SOLARHOOKS features lag bolts for added comfort and a stainless steel finish that has been bead blasted. You have everything you need for a simple, professional tile installation with SOLARHOOKS.

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