Unirac SFM Infinity 240904F Trim Attachment

SKU: 270-0939

UniRac, MicroRail, Trim Roof Attachment, includes: Roof attachment, T-bolt, Tri-drive nut, Dovetail Locks, Square Nut, Clamp Bolt, 3" Slider, Use with Raised Seal Flashing, Qty. 1 assembly, 240904F

For flush mount installations on composite shingle and tile roofs, UniRac's rail-less PV mounting system is ideal. The SFM INFINITY is an innovative 3rd generation product that optimizes your operations on and off the roof by using 40% less labor, 30% less logistics, and 20% less roof attachments than conventional solar racking. Besides that, 87 % of homeowners prefer the aesthetics of SFM INFINITY.

Unirac SFM Infinity Trim Attachment Warranty

Unirac provides a 25 year limited product warranty for their Sunframe Microrail (SFM) products.