Unirac FlashLoc 310999 Roof Attachment Kit (10-Pack)

SKU: 271-0023

UniRac, FlashLoc-RM, Flat Roof Attachment Base, Chem Link M-1 and 1-Part included in kit, Qty. 1 Pack of 10, 310999

Unirac’s FLASHLOC RM is a lightweight, durable, powder-coated cast aluminum roof attachment solution that provides fast, easy installation and helps save labor cost. FLASHLOC RM is compatible with most roofing materials and is applicable for almost all solar racking form factors. Rigorous mechanical, sealing, and ease-of-install testing has been successfully completed for assurance of long-term reliability.


  • Works for all roof types – see Chemlink M-1’s compatibility for details
  • Labor and attachment savings
  • Industry-leading install time
  • 6,600-lb. uplift offset (ultimate)
  • Includes 8 fastener holes
  • Attachment can accommodate roofing screw sizes #12 – #15

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