Unirac Ecolibrium EcoFoot2 ES20207 Ballast Base

SKU: 250-1394

UniRac, Ecolibrium, EcoFoot2+ Base, 5° Portrait, 10° Landscape, UniRac, Ecolibrium, EcoFoot2+ Base, 5° Portrait, 10° Landscape, ES20207

Ecolibirum Solar's Ecofoot2+ is a one-of-a-kind Low-Sloped Roof Mounting System, a flexible ballasted solution for Low-Sloped and Flat-Roof solar installations with integrated grounding and support for both Landscape and Portrait Orientations of most PV Modules.

  • Faster and more effective flat-roof solar installations are possible thanks to a single modular unit.
  • Grounding is smoothly integrated into Universal Clamps, eliminating installation time.
  • Roof-friendly, with built-in water and drain channels, the Ecofoot2+ Base is made of polymer and rubber.
  • ASA Luran by Sytrolutions has a proven material durability.
  • Cost-effective; fewer components, integrated grounding, and wire-management allow for a quicker installation time, resulting in a lower price per Watt solution.

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Unirac Ecofoot2+ Ballast Base Warranty

Ecolibrium Solar (acquired by Unirac) provides a 25 year limited product warranty for their EcoFoot2+ products.