Unirac 310760 Black Roof Pad

SKU: 250-1372


UniRac, RoofMount, Roof Pad, Qty. 1, 310760

The Roof Pad will serve as a protective barrier between the Ballast Bay and the roofing material, reducing the risk of damage. It also helps to distribute the load to the roof in order to reduce the load on the roof. The Roof Pads, two per bay, snap into the holes on the bottom side of the Ballast Bay. Please check with the roofing manufacturer to see if it is necessary and to ensure compatibility


  • Highlights - TPE 70 Shore A is the material used in this product. The color is black. Thickness: 0.139" Thickness: 0.139" Thickness: 0.139" (base thickness). 2.9” in width 10.4" in length 2. (per Ballast Bay) Quantity Each item is sold in a single (1) quantity.