Unirac SolarMount 302006C Clear End Clamp, 45-47mm

SKU: 260-0061

UniRac, SolarMount End Clamp, F, 45-47mm, Clear, Qty. 1, 302006C

If you prefer to add modules after securing the footings and rails, go with top mounting clamps. This sequence works particularly well for flush mounting.

T-Bolts or Hex Head Bolts, as well as Flange Nuts, are included. For each row of modules, you want to install, order four end clamps. The thickness of the PV modules you're mounting determines the size of the clamps you'll need. Size F clamps (45 - 47 mm / 1.77 - 1.85 in. thick) are compatible. Aluminum with a clear anodized finish.


  • Full Flexibility: For all positions, flush, high-profile, or low-profile configurations are available.
  • Installation time is reduced, and attachment spans are longer than equivalent goods.
  • Technical Assistance in Full: Documentation for implementation and code enforcement.
  • Unirac mounting solutions require the following components: Other big product lines have adopted it.

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Unirac SolarMount End Clamp Warranty

Unirac provides a 25 year limited product warranty for their SolarMount products.