Unirac SFM Infinity 250030U 8" Attached Splice

SKU: 213-0017

UniRac, SFM Infinity Rail-Less, 8" Attached Splice, includes: 8” Base, Cap, Socket-head cap screw, and bonding pins, 250030U

Take your business to the next level with SFM INFINITY, UNIRAC's revolutionary PV mounting system for flush mount installations on comp shingle and tile roofs. An advanced 3rd generation product platform in use by top solar contractors nationwide, SFM INFINITY optimizes your operations on and off the roof, with approximately 40% less labor, 30% logistics savings, 20% fewer roof attachments than traditional solar racking. Plus, 87% of homeowners prefer SFM INFINITY's aesthetics, and it's backed by UNIRAC's industry-leading 25-year full system warranty.

Unirac SFM Infinity Attached Splice Warranty

Unirac provides a 25 year limited product warranty for their Sunframe Microrail (SFM) products.