Unirac 004CT5H Tile Hook Side Mount

SKU: 212-0009


UniRac, Tile Roof Hook, Universal Side Mount, with 2 #14 X 3.5” Screws, 004CT5H

Unirac SolarHook Universal is made of 304 stainless steel that has been bead blasted. This product performs well in areas with low to moderate wind and snowfall. With some adjustability, it uses existing Tiles and directly attaches to standard rail (no need for L Feet). Built to complement the majority of tile roof styles: Flat, S, W, Universal

  • FeaturesHighlights - Lag bolts and EPDM washes are included in the installation. Multiple hole patterns and slotted connections for adjustability have flexibility. Designs for Universal, Flat, and Spanish tiles are available in a variety of types.