Trojan Premium SPRE 12 225 204Ah 12V Flooded Battery

SKU: 420-0097


Trojan, PREMIUM Line Flooded Battery with Smart Carbon, 12V, 204Ah @ 20Hr, Group 921, Auto Post and Stud Terminal, SPRE 12 225

Solar Premium deep-cycle lead-acid batteries with Smart Carbon from Trojan are designed for renewable energy applications including solar PV, small wind, and micro-grid. They have heavy-duty separators and plates that have been engineered to last longer. At 50 percent depth of discharge, the product is rated for 1,900 cycles. These batteries have an 8-year lifetime based on the IEC 61427 specification for renewable energy storage. They come with a two-year full warranty and a five-year prorated warranty.

Trojan's Industrial and Premium Line batteries now include Smart Carbon technology, which increases partial state-of-charge efficiency and durability in applications that run in a partial state of charge (PSOC). In applications where the batteries are not completely recharged on a regular basis, Trojan's patented carbon formula, Smart Carbon, increases the electrochemically active surface area, increasing charge acceptance and efficiency.