Trina Solar Tallmax M TSM-410-DE15M(II) 410W Clear on White 144 Half-Cell Mono Solar Panel

SKU: 110-1267

Trina, 410W PV Module, TS4 Connector, PV Wire ~55”, 35mm Clear Frame with White Backsheet, 144 ½ Cell Multi-BB Mono, 20A Fuse, 1500VDC, 3.2mm glass, 384.9 PTC, 12/25 Warranty, TSM-410-DE15M(II)

The TALLMAX M TSM-410-DE15M(II) 144 Half-Cell module is ideal for many different installations where shading is a concern and aesthetics is important. The cell string layout and split J-box location reduces temperature and provides higher efficiency by reducing energy loss caused by inter-row shading. The half-cell layout (144 monocrystalline) also lowers cell connection power losses. It is a highly productive module at 20.4% maximum efficiency and a +5W positive power tolerance. Because of the advanced surface texturing, back surface field and selective emitters, you will get excellent low light performance on cloudy days, morning and evenings. Because of its Multi Busbar design, the output of this TALLMAX M module is 15W higher than that of industry-typical 5BB PERC modules with the same specifications. Application of this TALLMAX module can remarkably reduce the number of modules installed, lowering the cost of supports, cables, construction and land, improving your return on investment.

The TALLMAX M module is one of the industry's most trusted and integrates various technologies such as half-cut cells and multi-busbars providing the highest power of up to 415W. Multi busbar technology can shorten the current conduction distance by over 50% and therefore provides a lower internal ribbon resistance loss. With finer and narrower busbars, more sunlight can be reflected back to the round ribbon which increases energy efficiency. This construction also results in more uniform loads, preventing stress and resulting in better performance even in the case of slight cracking. Also, the unique circuit design of half-cut cells can reduce power loss caused by ribbon resistance to 25% compared to full cells, which results the decrease of electrical resistance within the ribbon and improving the overall module efficiency by more than 2%.


Certified to withstand challenging environmental conditions

  • 2400 Pa wind load and 5400 Pa snow load
  • 35mm hail stones at 97 km/h
  • PID resistant and free of snail trails
  • Module coating resistant to sand, acid and alkali

Ideal for large scale and residential installations

  • 1500V UL/IEC certified
  • High power footprint reduces installation time and balance of system costs
  • Half-cut cells and increased MBB (Multi Busbar) reflectance ensure higher power and lower resistance
  • New cell string layout and split J-box location reduces the energy loss caused by inter-row shading

High Energy Generation

  • Excellent 3rd party validated IAM and low light performance with cell process and module material optimization
  • Integrated LRF (Light Redirecting Film) for enhanced power
  • Low Pmax temp coefficient (-0.36%) increases energy production
  • Better anti-shading performance and lower operation temperature

One of the industry's most trusted modules

  • Field proven performance
  • Strong and reliable manufacturer
  • Stringent quality control
  • Over 30 in-house tests
  • 100% EL double inspection

About Trina Solar

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar (NYSE: TSL) has established itself as a leading global manufacturer of the next generation photovoltaic products. They believe close cooperation with their partners is critical to success. With local presence around the globe, Trina is able to provide exceptional service to each customer in each market and supplement their innovative, reliable products with the backing of Trina as a strong, bankable partner. They are committed to building strategic, mutually beneficial projects with installers, developers, distributors and other partners which is the backbone of their success in driving Smart Energy.

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Trina Solar Tallmax M Solar Panel Warranty

Trina guarantees their module output to be at or above its nameplate wattage - refer to the warranty details and the product description for the length of their product & power output warranty.