Topaz TOPAZ 333, 3/4"x100ft, PVC Flexible Conduit

SKU: 551-0269

1" Flexible Non-Metallic PVC Top-Flex Liquid Tight Conduit, UL, 100' Coil, TOPAZ HF134


• Resists corrosion, abrasion, oil, water, acid, metal shavings,

 and rough environments

• UL Type B flexible non-metallic liquidtight conduit


• Indoor or outdoor use

• Hazardous Locations - where necessary for flexible connections

 within hazardous locations per the following:

 Class 1, Div. 2 - 2005 NEC 501.10(B)(2)

 Class 2, Div. 1 - 2005 NEC 502.10(A)(2) - Class 2, Div. 2 - 2005 NEC 502.10(B)(2)

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