SunModo TopTile K10461-108 Mounting Bracket

SKU: 270-1064

SunModo, Top Tile Mount, Deck Attachment, 8” Stand-Off, K10461-108

SunModo’s innovative is the world’s first PV mounting system that is mounted entirely above the tiles. The mounting system spares an installer the need to deconstruct the tile roof. The system also allows installation on the ridges of curved tiles for superior water leak protection. The TopTile™ Mounts are easy to install which significantly reduces installation time.

The TopTile™ Mount System features two mounting options that secure panels 4-7 inches above the tile surface, using stanchions with water-proof sealing washers and moldable flashing. Installers can choose either SunModo’s patented deck mounting system when anchoring into deck or a rafter mounting system.

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