Solectria SRV-LCD-3PTL-OUTDOOR Communications Gateway

SKU: 570-1121


Yaskawa Solectria, Solrenview Monitoring, LCD Gateway-Outdoor , Inverter Direct Monitoring for up to 32 PVI-14TL-36TL inverters, SRV-LCD-3PTL-OUTDOOR

SolrenView, a web-based monitoring solution from Solectria Renewables, can be used with any residential, industrial, or SMARTGRID inverter, allowing for real-time, seamless recording and reporting of PV device output. Data is sent to the SolrenView gateway hardware via Ethernet (standard) or cellular modem. Both commercial and SMARTGRID inverters come standard with SolrenView hardware, which is also available for residential use with LCD or LITE gateway systems. Inverter direct monitoring, revenue-grade monitoring, agency reporting, SolZone sub-array monitoring, Kiosk View (flash-view) system, and a weather station are all included in the SolrenView series.