Solectria PVI-36TL-480 36.0kW 3-Ph Inverter

SKU: 330-0485

Yaskawa Solectria, PVI 36000TL, 3-Ph Grid tied inverter, 36kW, 480VAC, 60Hz, 1000VDC, AC/DC Discon, Two dual 5x20A Fused Inputs, 2 MPPT, 10 Yr Warr, Ungrounded, RS485, NEMA4, Rule-21, PVI-36TL-480-20A

The PVI 14TL, PVI 20TL, PVI 23TL, PVI 28TL, and PVI 36TL are transformerless three-phase inverters with a dual MPP tracker from Solectria Solar. These inverters include AC and DC disconnects, a user-interactive LCD, and an 8-position string combiner as standard features. Its compact, lightweight architecture makes installation and maintenance a breeze. These inverters feature improved DSP power, extensive safety functions, and advanced thermal design for maximum uptime and reliability. They also come with a regular 10-year warranty, with 15- and 20-year options available. Web-based tracking, a shade cover, DC/AC disconnect covers, DC combiners bypass, and a roof mount collection bracket are all available options.

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