SolarEdge Synergy SE110K-US 11.0kW 3-Ph Inverter with AC-RSD (Multiple DC Inputs)

SKU: 330-0592

SolarEdge, 110kW/120kVA 3 Phase Synergy Manager, Requires 3 Synergy Units, 110kW 480V WYE/Delta, 60Hz, 1000VDC, Fused Multiple DC Inputs, DC Disco, AC/DC SPD, 12 Yr. Warranty, AFCI, with AC-RSD, -40C, RS485 and Ethernet, UL-1741-SA (Rule-21),SE110K-US08IBNZ4

SolarEdge Synergy Inverter Warranty

12 years commencing on the earlier of: (i) 4 months from the date the products are shipped from SolarEdge; and (ii) the installation of the products.