SolarEdge StorEdge SE-MTR240-NN-S-S1 Electricity Meter

SKU: 570-0239

SolarEdge, & StorEdge, Single Phase Consumption Meter with Enclosure, 240V, 60Hz, RS485, NEMA 3R, NO CT’s, Add 2, 200A or 400A CT’s, SE-MTR240-NN-S-S1

The SolarEdge SE-MTR240-NN-S-S1 Electricity Meter is suitable for import/export monitoring, export limitation, and StorEdge™ products. Any SolarEdge inverter or Control and Communication Gateway (CCG) will read the exported power from the meter installed at the grid connection point or the consumption from the meter installed at the load consumption point. The SE-MTR240-NN-S-S1 is single/split phase and can be connected to the RS485 port of SolarEdge devices. A SolarEdge device will read the energy values from the electricity meter and send it to the SolarEdge monitoring portal.


  • Suitable for export limitation, consumption monitoring and StorEdge applications
  • Communicates over RS485 to provide monitoring data and high accuracy meter readings
  • Simple installation and connectivity

NOTE: The meter comes with an enclosure, but you will also need two 200A or 400A Current Transformers (CT's) which are sold separately.

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