SolarEdge StorEdge BI-EUSGN-01 Energy Hub Backup Interface

SKU: 580-0153


SolarEdge, StorEdge, Backup Interface, with 5kW Autoformer, Import/Export Meter, 200A Main Breaker rated for Service Side Connection, BI-EUSGN-01

When the grid goes down, the SolarEdge home backup solution automatically provides complete or partial home backup electricity, day or night. In addition to its on-grid capabilities for optimizing self-consumption and electricity savings, unused solar power is retained in a high voltage battery, such as LG Chem RESU, for use during grid disruptions, providing increased homeowner energy independence. During grid outages, the backup interface connects to the Energy Hub inverter (sold separately) and provides automatic backup power to complete or partial home loads. It gives homeowners complete control over increasing household loads to backup. For faster installs, the backup interface comes pre-installed with the SolarEdge energy meter (for self-consumption management) and the auto-transformer (for split-step balancing).

When combined with appropriate inverters and batteries, the SolarEdge Backup Interface BI-EUSGN comes with a 200A key breaker and can intercept a 200A utility feed to provide a whole-house power backup solution. The BI also has a generator input link for long-term outages. When solar resources are small, the addition of a generator will allow the system to withstand longer outages.